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    Number of Players: 2-4

    Playing Time: 30-70 minutes

    Recommended Ages: 14+

    This is the first expansion for Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals. Blood & Alchemy introduces two new clans, the Tremere and the Thin-Bloods. The Tremere are masters of Blood Sorcery, while the Thin-Bloods rely on mixing their blood with various chemicals in order drive their powers and abilities.

    Blood & Alchemy will include two pre-constructed decks, one for each new clan, as well as a 30-card crypt pack full of additional deck customization options. All cards in the expansion can of course be mixed with the core set for a myriad of deck construction options! 

    There will also be two alt-art leaders included, Jacob Frost for the Thin-Bloods and Sonja Valentine for the Tremere!


    • 49 Card Tremere Clan Deck (7 vampires, 1 haven, 1 agenda, 40 main deck cards)
    • 49 Card Thin-Blood Clan Deck (7 vampires, 1 haven, 1 agenda, 40 main deck cards) 
    • 30 Crypt Card Pack
    • 14 '-1' BP Tokens (20mm x 20mm)
    • 4 Fear Tokens (22.5mm x 15mm)
    • 4 Card Dividers (76mm x 89mm)
    • 12 Page Rulebook

    Requires the Core Set to play.

    - $30.49