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    You are tired of cutting MDF with an exacto, why not take something already done? You will drastically reduce the risk of lightening your hands by a few fingers and in addition you will save time!

    We have created what we believe to be an excellent alternative that is cut to form 2 small areas, but can be joined to form one big area. In addition, we added 3 circles of 40mm and 3 circles of 60mm on which you can mount elements of removable decorations like trees, bushes, rock, etc. Each of the bases covers an area of approximately 6 ''x 4''.

    The kit contains 2 complete sets:
    4 Bases
    6 rounds of 40mm
    6 rounds of 60mm

    This kit is sold unassembled and unpainted, scenery elements such as vegetation and figurines are not included.

    - $12.99