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    Create thrilling adventures with this revised and expanded Dungeon Master’s Guide for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Inside this essential guide is everything new and experienced Dungeon Masters need to weave epic tales, build fantastical worlds, and inspire memorable moments for your party.


    • Intended for Dungeon Masters of all experience levels, this essential resource provides incredibly useful tools and advice for running your D&D game
    • Includes real-world examples of common pitfalls for Dungeon Masters, along with suggestions for how to handle them
    • 15 new, ready-to-use, reusable maps for homebrew adventures; ncludes a double-sided poster map depicting Eastern Oerik from the Greyhawk setting and the city of Greyhawk
    • Presents Greyhawk as a customizable, ready-to-use campaign setting for Dungeon Masters; set your adventures within Greyhawk or use it as a foundation for worlds you create.
    • More than 300 new and improved treasures and magical items, including 18 brand new magical items
    • Contains rules for bastions, strongholds built and controlled by players. With crafting, base-building, and resource gathering, bastions are a fun between-session option for players
    • Easily find information on key D&D characters and locations with the Lore Glossary and multiple handouts and resources for keeping track of campaigns

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