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    Channel the grim darkness of the far future with this set of Dark Millennium Playing Cards. Each of the deck's 52 cards features a unique illustration by legendary artist John Blanche. The deck also includes a matching pair of jokers, displaying another piece of artwork in John's inimitable style.

    The four traditional playing card suits are replaced by the icons of four factions or groups from the 41st Millennium – the Imperium, Chaos, Adeptus Mechanicus and Xenos. Each illustration pertains directly to the card's associated suit – for example, the Adeptus Mechanicus cards display character portraits of agents and adepts of the Cult Mechanicus, such as Tech-Priests, servo-skulls and servitors.

    The cards are 57.5mm x 88.9mm in diameter (so are 'Bridge-size' playing cards), and come supplied in a hinged-lid box for easy access, while keeping them safe from wear and tear.

    - $17.40