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    A detailed, striking scenery set, the Imperial Sector is a modular plastic kit entirely compatible with others across the Sector Imperialis and Sector Mechanicus ranges. Combine as many kits as you like to create enormous, evocative multilevel environments perfect for games of Warhammer 40,000!

    Battered and broken by countless centuries of gruelling conflict, the Imperial Sectors nonetheless stand tall as a testament to Humanity’s expansion across the galaxy. Each Imperial Sector provides a huge variety of cover and high ground for squads of warriors to battle over.

    The kit is comprised of 10 frames of plastic components:

    – 4 frames of wall sections, each containing 3 windowed wall sections – 1 double width and 2 half-width – with pillars and capstones for each wall;
    – 3 frames of ruins and floors, each containing 1 ruined corner piece section, 3 sections of broken floor, 1 section of unbroken floor, 1 small broken column, 4 small broken floor sections, 1 top piece, 2 support arches, 2 lamps which plug into the underside of the floor sections and 1 small circular lamp;
    – 3 frames of ruined Sector Imperialis buildings, each making 3 sections of ruins featuring shattered window sections, broken columns and pipework.

    - $139.17