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    Agile and avaricious, the murder-cultists of the Corvus Cabal descend on their prey from above. Always hunting for worthy trinkets to offer the Great Gatherer, chaotic patron of cutthroats and thieves, the Cabal strike without warning or mercy.

    Do your enemies dare cower in cover, rather than bringing themselves to your Slaves to Darkness army for a jolly good slaughtering? Then you need the Corvus Cabal! These shadowy reavers are terrifyingly mobile, making them perfect for last-minute objective grabs or hunting distant foes, capable of bringing them down with a mix of ranged and melee attacks. Alternatively, you can use this set to bolster your roster for Warcry if you already own your Fighter Cards and Abilities Card for the Corvus Cabal.

    This set contains 18 plastic miniatures, consisting of:
    - 2x Shadow Piercers
    - 2x Shrike Talons
    - 10x Cabalists
    - 4x Spire Stalkers

    2 x 40mm round base, 6 x 28.5mm rounds bases, 10 x 25mm round bases.

    - $73.93