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    The mystic leaders of the Splintered Fang lead their people in worship of the Coiling Ones, serpentine daemons who embody cunning and might. Poison is the greatest weapon of the Fangs, and a single cut from their blades can prove fatal.

    Durable enemies getting you down? The Splintered Fang are here to help. These venom-slinging cultists of the Coiling Ones are capable of inflicting a ridiculous number of mortal wounds in close combat, making them a great choice for Slaves to Darkness armies looking to take on the most resilient of enemies. Alternatively, you can use this set to bolster your roster for Warcry if you already own your Fighter Cards and Abilities Card for the Splintered Fang.

    This set contains 20 plastic miniatures, consisting of:
    - 2x Truebloods,
    - 2x Serpent Callers,
    - 2x Serpents
    - 4x Venombloods
    - 8x Clearbloods
    - 2x Purebloods

    This set is supplied with 10x 25mm round bases, 4x 28.5mm round bases and 6x 32mm round bases.

    - $73.93