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    The Slann Starmasters of the Seraphon foresaw danger in Beastgrave. Unchallenged, the corrupting presence of Chaos would transform the mountain into a colossal demigod whose power would wreak havoc across Ghur and beyond. To prevent this from coming to pass, the Slann sent a hunting party of skinks into the mountain, bolstered by the Saurus Oldblood Klaq-Trok. Their leader would be the gifted Skink Priest Kixi-Taka the Diviner, who bore an artefact that, if deployed in precisely the right location, would compel the entire mountain to consume itself in self-destructive madness.

    If you're looking for a warband that favours brains over brawn then The Starblood Stalkers are for you. That's not to say that they can't deal out some damage when they need to – they can – but with their speed and skill they are ideal for quickly jumping on unguarded objectives. This set also features universal cards for any warband in Warhammer Underworlds, while a free downloadable warscroll lets you fight with The Starblood Stalkers in Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

    This set contains:
    - 6x push-fit Starblood Stalkers miniatures – no glue required to assemble
    - 6x fighter cards, representing each warrior in your games – Kiki-Taka, Klaq-Trok, Huachi, Otapatl, Tok, and Xepic
    - A further 62 playable cards (only available in this set) to enhance your fighters and provide new tactics and challenges for your games of Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm, including:
    - 12x The Starblood Stalkers objective cards
    - 10x The Starblood Stalkers upgrade cards
    - 10x The Starblood Stalkers ploy cards
    - 10x universal objective cards, usable by any warband
    - 10x universal upgrade cards, usable by any warband
    - 8x universal gambit cards, usable by any warband
    - 2x universal gambit spell cards, usable by any wizard

    - $45.05