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    The Homestead is the latest of WizKids 4D™ Settings to hit the market. These scenes offer more than just pre-painted miniatures for you, they offer exciting new play experiences and storytelling narratives.

    With the Homestead set, you’ll be provided with all the pieces you’ll need to put together a farmer or peasant’s home. From there, your play options are endless. Perhaps you’ll be tasked with watering the horse or catching a chicken before you can get assistance. Maybe you’ll need to hide in the pigpen from a gang of roving bandits.

    The Homestead 4D™ setting includes: *

    • 6X Chickens
    • 1X Chicken Coup
    • 1X Farmer’s Hut
    • 1X Hitch Post
    • 1X Horse
    • 1X Pig
    • 1X Pile of Chopped Wood (Neat)
    • 1X Sack of Grain, Open
    • 1X Sack of Grain, Spilled
    • 1X Trough
    • 3X Wattle Fence
    • 1X Wattle Fence Gate
    • 1X Well
    • 1X Wheelbarrow

    - $49.95