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    50 cards per deck

    8 decks per display

    8 displays per carton

    [VGE-D-SD02] Danji Momoyama -Tyrant Tiger-
    Featuring many Demon Units
    Accumulate your power for a decisive shot!

    Feel the excitement with the launch of the new Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress TCG and a brand new anime season set on a 3000 years later Planet Cray. The anime will feature 5 new protagonists representing each of the 5 new nations, and promises impressive visuals with character designs by world-renowned creators CLAMP (Cardcaptor Sakura & Code Geass).


    Ride Deck
    Prepare a Ride Deck of 4 pieces consisting of 1 unit of each grade (0~3)!
    Guaranteed ride from your Ride Deck during Ride Phase!

    Over Trigger
    A powerful Trigger Unit that each deck can only have 1 piece of!
    Your unit gets Power +100 Million when it is revealed as a trigger!
    It has additional effects when revealed during drive check as well!
    Make a comeback when you're in a pinch with the Over Trigger!

    Featured Nations: SD01 - Dragon Empire, SD02 - Dark States, SD03 - Keter Sanctuary, SD04 - Stoicheia, SD05 - Brandt Gate

    Product Specifications
    • 15 types of cards (15 new cards, inclusive of 1 type of 1 holo card)
    • Play Sheet

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     Carton Topper playmats - 4 Rubber playmats will be randomly included in each carton! 5 designs in total! 

    Please stay tuned to our product page for the playmats designs to be updated at a later date!


     Box Topper sleeves - Each display will have 4 pieces of sleeves of a random design for players to use for the new Ride Deck mechanic! 7 different designs available! 


     Box topper PR card - Each [D-BT01] display box will get you a bonus box topper PR card with the Key Visual Illustration from the "Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress" animation! It is an "Over Trigger", so players can use it in a cardfight as well!


    Latest Update!!

    Featuring 5 key units illustration of the PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE Carton Topper playmats!


    Featuring impressive artwork from the booster and anime, these designs will be highly sought after by the players and even the anime fans!

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