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Swamp Thing The New 52 Omnibus Hardcover
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    One of DC s most compelling characters is reborn for a new age! Since the dawn of time, the planet s safety has depended on maintaining a balance of three great powers: the Green, the force that unites all plant life; the Red, the force that unites all animal life; and the Rot, the force of death. Each generation, the Green selects an avatar to serve as its protector the Swamp Thing. But Dr. Alec Holland, the Green s newest champion, is no longer interested in the role. The Rot s own avatar is growing stronger, and servants of decay gain more territory every day. If Alec doesn t return to his duties soon, there might not be any Green left to protect. Collects Swamp Thing #0-40, #0, #23.1, Swamp Thing Annual #1-3, Swamp Thing: Futures End #1, Animal Man #12 and #17, and Aquaman #31.

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