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    WizKids is pleased to announce a new Star Trek: Attack Wing Faction Pack, an ever-popular product configuration for the Star Trek: Attack Wing tactical miniatures game! *

    A Star Trek: Attack Wing Faction Pack includes four pre-painted plastic ships with cards, token sheets, dial connector pieces, bases, and pegs to accompany them. All the cards and tokens in this faction pack are brand new and allow a player to field a never-before-seen fleet right out of the box! This faction pack offers a fleet of four Klingon ships including a Negh'var Class ship, two K'tinga Class ships, and a B'Rel Class ship!

    That’s not all, the amazing price point of this Star Trek: Attack Wing Faction Pack allows players to get four ships for the same price as two normal expansion packs! Twice the ships, twice the value!

    Card Pack Contents: **

    • Pre-Painted Plastic Ships
    • Maneuver Dial(s)
    • Dial Connector Pieces
    • Cards
    • Tokens
    • Bases
    • Pegs

    *Uses the core rule set of the FlightPath™ game system with a Star Trek twist, but is not compatible with other FlightPath™ games from FFG.

    **Exact game components subject to change.

    - $39.14